Asmar's Mediterranean Food is a family run business incorporated in 1997 dealing with international ethnic food products.

It has established an on-going business relationship with many of the large grocery chains. Today, with twenty-five employees and its own fleet of delivery trucks, the Company sees its role as maintaining the long tradition of the spice traders and bringing its benefits to today's demanding market. 






We Offer Wholesale Products at GREAT PRICES

Asmars' business is to help your mideastern groceries business maximize return.


The Company incessantly searches the international market for traditional  as well as new food items and establishes the means to bring them to the US market in a consistent and reliable manner. We are building a Business for the long-term, concentrating on gradual growth to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Our personnel, working as a team, ensure that quality products are manufactured and distributed efficiently.

Our Sales representatives present and promote the products as well as maintain the store shelves. Through our quality control programs, we strive to maintain the highest standards; we set for our company, on production, taste, and packaging. The family, that drives Asmar's Mediterranean Food, is not afraid to take risks with new foods or to venture in new markets. It comes from a food business background, bringing its experience in the preparation and delivery of good wholesome foods to US grocery chains.

Asmars  delivers Quality, Freshness, Variety, Good service, Commitment to the name


We constantly research the world, tasting and sampling the food products to identify those items that would find appeal on US shelves. We keep a Market watch to identify slow and fast moving items and respond rapidly accordingly.

 The family's philosophy is: "Food products and service good enough to carry our name"




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